Assisted Living/Memory Care Rehab

Attain was founded by Dr. Matthew Cifelli with the goal of providing quality care to the senior population who require continuous need for rehabilitative services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy & speech therapy. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Cifelli has a proven track record of assembling teams of practitioners with a unified goal of keeping the aging population strong, active, functional, and safe.

Attain provides onsite rehabilitative services to assisted living facilities and adult communities. We provide a hands-on approach by communicating thoroughly with onsite medical and nursing teams to help deliver the best possible care to the residents as well as prevent potential injuries. Attain provides a one stop shop that will enhance the quality of life of all residents residing on premise. Our providers focus on ensuring that residents continually remain mobile and are provided with the resources necessary so that they achieve their rehabilitative goals.

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Consider Attain as your premier senior living community partner. Our approach has proven to identify and reduce fallrisks, improve strength, reduce depression, reduce hospital admissions, increase length of stay/turnover rate, improve quality of life and most importantly provide for the highest level of client satisfaction. This in turn will help your community grow while adding additional beneficial services. A partnership with Attain means elevating your facility to a higher standard. Whether you are interested in shifting from your current in-house provider or implementing an entirely new clinic, our process is seamless and simple. Let’s Attain greatness together!

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Attain serves communities nationwide by offering a unique rehabilitation experience — one in which every patient feels valued and on the road to recovery.

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