Attain Ownership

Are you a new grad or have you ever dreamed of owning your own practice? With the Attain Management partnership program you will have access to a team of professional who specialize in establishing new clinics from the ground-up. Our program will give you access to the tools necessary to setup your brand-new state-of-the-art practice. Wewill conduct a full market analysis with you side-by-side in ensuring that realistic goals are set in place. Attain Management will oversee all aspects of your new site including architectural review, construction, medical supply setup and compliance. In essence, Attain Management will provide you with full suite of resources to ensure that you are successful. Once you partner with Attain your relationship with your team manager will continue to grow as you expand on additional sites and recruit new staff. Contact us today to learn how our owner/operator model can benefit you and put you on the fast track to success.

Site Mapping & Setup

We know that it’s a challenging landscape. Everyday new practices emerge as the need for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and homecare grow. Our leading team is dedicated to keeping trackof the ever-changing climate. We will evaluate the market where you wish to setup a new office and do a full analysis of the competitive landscape. Furthermore, our team of professionals will review the demographics of your target site and assist in strategically marketing your new site so that it’s successful from the ground up. Contact our experts today to see how we can help build your dream officein a location of your choice!

Turn-key Solutions

At Attain Management our main objective is to help ensure that your sites are fully operational from day one. After we complete ourdata analysis our team of marketing experts will begin promoting your new site both organically across the geographic targets set in place in additionto digitally. We understand it’s vital to build the necessary relationships with local medical professionals who will be instrumental in generating new patients. We guarantee that on commencement day of your new site patients will be ready to take advantage of the services being offered.

Strategic Marketing

In a world that’s saturated with marketing adspromising a wide array of products and services the experts at Attain Management have fully streamlined useful marketing techniques that deliver results. With the owner / operator model wewill strategically market your new site to demographics that based on market research and analysis will generate the highest ROI. Ourgoal is to ensure that every marketing dollar spent nets a significant return. As a result, our online marketing will focus on the key services your site offers so you are front and center of yourtarget audience. Our experts will walk you through the entire process and demonstrate how our strategic marketing tactics yield real world results.

Staffing Solutions

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is staffing. In a hyper competitive market, we know the need for adequate talent is challenging. Attain Management has years of experience in professional medical staffing and our list of recruiters who scout candidates nationwide continues to grow daily. Part of your onboarding process as an owner/operator will be identifying key areas of your staffing needs. Upon agreement of all services being rendered our team of experts will immediately begin identifying talent and ensuring placement is completed prior to your new site
launching. Using our training centers that entail both on-site and digital training rest assured that your personnel will be fully equipped and trained to deliver the best in healthcare while giving you an opportunity to focus on providing quality care.


As a new graduate it can certainly be challenging overcoming the challenges the real worldthrows at you. A big part of the owner / operator model with Attain Management Solutions is mentorship. Not only will you receive mentorship on a clinical level our experts will provide you with business mentorship as well to ensure that you are successful in all aspects of your career. We understand that the only way to grow your team organically is through the proper training and incentive programs that encompass the mentorship program. At Attain Management we’ve narrowed down the mentorship programs that work in all aspects of healthcare. Our dedicated staff members focus on key areas: medicine & business. Recognizing that both work in tangent rest assured that the owner / operator model will always be an integral part to your success and the mentorship you receive will further your professional career.

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"The staff at Attain are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have enjoyed my time here. I can do much more than I could before I had therapy and I would highly recommend you to a friend or family."

- Scott W.

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