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Most adults will experience some degree of neck pain during their lifetime. The pain may be localized to the neck, but it may also migrate into the shoulders, radiate down the arms or present itself as an electric shock sensation. Neck pain may also be the culprit for headaches, muscle weakness and/or numbness in the hands.


The most common types of headaches are sinus, tension and migraine headaches. Sinus headaches occur when there’s any underlying infection or pressure in the sinus cavities. Tension headaches are the result of overexertion or tightness of muscles in the head or neck. Migraines come on suddenly when the sensitive nerve endings in the brain send signals that cause pain, light sensitivity and nausea. Regardless of type, all headaches have the potential to cause extreme discomfort that can disrupt daily living.

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Neck stiffness

A stiff neck usually causes soreness and difficulty turning the head from side to side. In order to look sideways or over the shoulder, a stiff neck may require you to turn your entire body to avoid more strain and pain. Neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain or arm pain may accompany the symptoms, but the right stretches and movements can help restore normal function.


Torticollis is a disorder that can cause muscles to flex, extend or twist beyond their normal position. When torticollis occurs, the neck tends to twist to one side, causing the head to tilt. It can develop slowly over time or as a result of sudden trauma to the affected area. Physical therapy can help rebuild normal muscle movement.


Poor posture is one of the leading causes of neck pain. After being sedentary, failure to properly stretch can overexert the muscles, leading to neck pain. Physical therapy can help strengthen and stretch the muscles in the neck, and facilitate proper posture to lessen pain going forward.

Bulging/herniated disc

A bulging or herniated disc — especially around the region of the neck — can cause severe pain. These disc ailments usually occur due to an injury in which the vertebrae in the spine puts pressure on the nerve endings that run in the spinal canal. If symptoms are not addressed, orthopedic surgery may become an option for a disc replacement or spinal fusion.


Millions of Americans are affected by osteoarthritis. This condition occurs when cartilage between the joints wears down or completely deteriorates. Once the cartilage has worn out, there’s no cushion or insulation between the joints, causing inflammation and extreme pain that physical therapy techniques can ease. The most common forms of osteoarthritis affect the hips, spine, knees, elbows and hands.

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease occurs when the cushion between vertebrae wears away due to age, overuse or herniation. The disease typically responds to physical therapy, which can help strengthen and stretch the muscles around the back, helping you regain mobility and strength.

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